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Says Who

"Ron Saylor was the Highlight of our evening at The Magic Castle!”

The 2011 Touring Cast of Shrek The Musical

Ron Saylor was the hit of our attendees, from all over the World! Charming, personable, and truly astonishing! His skills were incomparable, professional, flawless and lovely.”

Amanda Karkoutly, NBC/Universal

“Marvelous ~ No Better Magician Anywhere!! This is Truly the Best Magic Performance I have ever Witnessed!"

Kurt R Finberg, M.D., California

“A Damn Good Magician and a Flipping Mind Reader!”

Zac Dunedin, New Zealand

“An Outstanding Master of Mystery & Excellent Act!”

Chuck Burnes, Owner, Periwinkle Productions

“Excellent! Powerful! Friendly! Baffling! Highly Recommended! I Can't Wait to see him Again!”

Ryan Melieus, Marketing Consultant, Santa Barbara Bank

“Ron is, flat out, the Hardest Working Man in Central California Showbiz! Want your Event to be Remembered? Have Ron Saylor Perform his Magic! It'll Be the Talk of the Town for years!”

Hypnotist Rex Carson, Hollywood, California

“With Ron Saylor, you have the Best Booth in any Trade Show! Ron Makes the Booth! He truly is the Best Magician I have Ever Seen!”

Karl Ludwig, President, HighTech Knowledge, Inc.

“Awesome ~ Amazing ~ Incredible! I am truly fascinated with Ron Saylor's incredible Performance! His Props and Magic have not been duplicated! Ron is Simply the Best! Highly Recommended Above All !!!”

Julie DePetro, Bakersfield, California

“Ron Saylor left the crowd knowing that they had seen one of the finest magic shows they will ever witness!”

Dennis Forel, Magic Castle Performer and the Producer of Poof Too!

“A Master of Magic! Very Impressive! Amazing!”

Noel Carroll, Bakersfield, California

“Ron Saylor is a Great Performer, Very Experienced and Wonderful to Watch!”

Magician Johnny Ace Palmer, Huntington Beach, California

"Schooled in an Eclectic Diversity of Magic and Method, Ron's Excursions in Fantasy put Awe in his audiences!”

The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California

"Ron's Fire Spiker Illusion is the Single Most Bad Assed in Magic!”

Magician Dan Sperry, Las Vegas, Nevada

"A Great Magician with Many Talents and Ingenuity of his own Routines & Illusions, and his straitjacket escape is remarkable!”

7X World Record Holder, Escape Artist Houdenny, Maryland

“Ron is the Best!! #1 Magician!! Incredible!! Awesome!! Ron, Fear is Not a Factor for You!!”

Philip Murad, Owner, Philip & Henry Productions, New York

“Ron is Amazing & Exciting! Everybody watching stood in Awe!”

Valentin Ortiz, El Paso, Texas

“Stupendous! Ron Saylor's Magic is Stunning, Original and Unbelievable! Absolute Perfection!”

Kim Hartley, Western Digital, USA

“Genuinely Remarkable! I found myself Amazed! Ron has a Sparkling Personality and a Subtle Wit! I was Extremely Impressed!”

Sarah & Lia Brugger, Temple City, California

“Absolutely Incredible! You won’t believe your eyes as you watch Ron’s amazing illusions. A can’t miss experience!”

Marlana McCulley, Phoenix, Arizona

“Ron Saylor is Truly a Diverse Entertainer and Always gets Great Reviews!”

AJ Olson, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have experienced the Magic of Ron Saylor... An Outstanding Performance of Magical Excellence!”

Joseph Rivero, Atwater, California

“I would invite anyone who wants to be Entertained and Bedazzled to watch the Magic of Ron Saylor. You’ll be left in wonder.”

Dessa Howe, Ponca City, Oklahoma

“Ron Saylor's performance at The Magic Castle was Outstanding and Unparalleled! Thank you so much!”

Marion Marshall, Pasadena, California
Ron Saylor is knowledgeable in Close-Up Magic, Walk-Around Magic, Parlor Magic and Stage Magic, and has Shows catered for all ages and venues, enabling him to perform on a large stage, in a medium room or at a small table. After seeing Ron perform, these comments may become your own.
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